PAYCOIN – The New Global Currency

It’s official – Paycoin is the most innovative currency ever in history.

Paycoin is breaking a lot of records! People were astounded when it hit a market cap of $115 million in just 48 hours. No other crypto currency or currency for that matter has risen to these heights like Paycoin. Crypto currencies (or “digital currencies”) have been in the shadows of advancing technology. Specifically, the general population has not been aware that they even existed. But all that is changing with the launch of Paycoin. Soon, EVERYONE will know and use Paycoin.

paycoin - the new global currency

Paycoin – Changing the World for the Better

The innovations of Paycoin are numerous. Never before could a person buy something so easily with a digital, paperless currency. Paycoin has profoundly advanced the world of digital currency and has well surpassed its counterparts. One reason Paycoin is so much superior than its fellow digital currencies is that it’s so much easier and faster to use. In fact, making a purchase with Paycoin is as quick as a swipe of your credit card.

Another amazing thing about using Paycoin –There are very nominal transaction fees associated with it. You certainly cannot say that about the current payment processors of today like Visa, Mastercard, etc.

What does this mean for me? Simply put, this means that Paycoin will not only affect HOW you pay for things, but HOW MUCH. Sometimes transaction fees cost merchants as high as 10%! You may have never realized it, but you sure paid for it. Merchants must tack on these fees to their prices for goods and services. Back to the good news…. These massive savings for merchants are going to lower prices for you the consumer! These savings are on such an unprecedented level. No Savings Catcher or cash back program could ever touch this! Imagine how much you and your family could save just in one year alone. Furthermore, this is going benefit businesses enormously. Businesses and companies who adopt Paycoin are going to have that competitive edge on their prices that consumers love. They will increase their sales, expand their businesses, and hire more employees to work for them… A great economic boost for sure.


Stated by GAW Miners - industry leader of Paycoin:  

“We knew Paycoin had massive support, but we didn’t know just how far the popularity would reach. The incredible thing is, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. Paycoin will continue to expand and offer services that we and others can build upon. I have confidence that Paycoin will be established as the new dominant global online currency.”

- Josh Garza, CEO

Source: Yahoo Finance


Paycoin today is priced at $20 each but the value will quickly rise. There will only be a limited number of coins, around 13 million total, and that will drive the value up even more. Investors of Paycoin are anxiously waiting to see just how high it will go and how soon.



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Author: Natalie Johnson

Date: 12/15/14

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