We have all been biting at the bit, waiting for GAW to make their next move, wondering, just WHEN are they going to release their big developments for Paycoin and Paybase….? The time is now.


Introducing, PAYFLASH - the latest integration of Paybase.

Payflash is a new addition to the Paybase dashboard that lets you purchase gift cards to brand name stores using Paycoin! Just a handful of retailers to select from:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • GAP
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Best Buy
  • Home Depot
  • American Eagle
  • Logan’s Roadhouse

I could go on and on…. Just take a look for yourself. There are probably a little over 100 listed now. More retailers must be in the process of being added too. (You can see in the search box the message: search from 100s of retailers. That’s just my guess).

Simply log into your Paybase account and you will see on the left hand side are the options. Payflash’s new icon is the shopping cart. Once selected the page fills with about 100 different retailers, from restaurants, to clothing, to everything in between.

Once you make the gift card purchase you can redeem it immediately. No wait times, wallet addresses, just a simple transaction.

This is the easiest transaction you can make with Paycoin (even cryptocurrency) to date.


WOW… this is the first of so many firsts.

[ Picture this ] :

Your first Papa Johns pizza bought using cryptocurrency AND Paycoin.

Your first pair of undies bought at Victoria’s Secret with crypto money AND Paycoin. (Just in time for V-day!)

Your first Starbucks capuccino bought with crypto money AND Paycoin.

This is a really exciting time for Paycoin and cryptocurrency. I can’t wait for all these new “firsts” :)


This is only the begining of the New Year and already SO many firsts. GAW has so much more in store for Paycoin and Paybase in the near future.


The digital transformation has officially begun. The real world finally meets Paycoin!


If you haven’t signed up, here’s the link to Paybase. Get yourself an account already!

Natalie Johnson

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