Looking for a safer, simpler cryptocurrency storage solution? Cryptosteel is the world’s safest most innovative cold wallet key storage to date. Made of stainless steel and compatible with all cryptocurrencies, the Cryptosteel wallet keeps your digital money safe. Cryptosteel is a private, off-line storage for wallet keys and passwords. It is hand-crafted using high-quality stainless steel that is indestructible.

“Cryptosteel gives peace of mind. Even the worst disasters would not destroy this engraved stainless steel. You can rely on it. Whatever happens, it will survive.” (Wojciech Stopinski, founder of Cryptosteel)


Cryptosteel, you could say, had its origins as far back as 15 yrs ago. This is when Wojciech began learning the skill of metalwork, helping his father run his manufacturing business in Poland. It was not until 2012, however until Wojciech discovered Bitcoin.

As Wojciech got involved in the cryptocurrency world, he began using digital money for himself. However, Wojciech came to understand one of the biggest issues with cryptocurrency- safety. He was not satisfied with the current solutions available, so he decided to create his own solution – one that would not only guarantee safety, but anonymity and indestructibility.

Wojciech immersed himself in the industry and sought the help of numerous professionals to design a solution. Within a short period of time, the Cryptosteel wallet was born


Wojciech’s background in metalwork enabled him to create the Cryptosteel wallet himself. Its simple design is one of the aspects that make it so functional.

The stainless steel makes Cryptosteel indestructible, even against fire and acid corrosion. When you compare it to other cold wallets, it’s obvious to see that when it comes to safety, Cryptosteel is in a category of its own.

To create your Cryptosteel wallet, simply punch out the engraved pieces and slide them into the stainless steel container. You only need your hands and it takes just a few minutes.


With the increase of digital currency adoption on the rise and the ever present safety threats, we can expect to see more products like Cryptosteel emerge in the marketplace. Cryptosteel is a pioneering resource for cryptocurrency safety. Cryptosteel will help protect people’s wealth and assets and provide a safer way to use digital currency.

If you are searching for a better way to store your crypto coins, you can get your own Cryptosteel wallet soon.
Wojciech Stopinski is launching the Cryptosteel crowdfunding campaign in early April of this year. Be one of the first 200 people to get a Cryptosteel wallet!

Cryptosteel founder

Wojciech Stopinski: Entrepreneur and designer from Poland.

Wojciech Stopinski, pictured right, at Inside Bitcoins Berlin conference

Other team members

Jan Mierzejewski: Cryptosteel project implementation, PhD in Physics.

Lech Wilczynski: Project Advisor, CEO of InPay – Bitcoin payment processor.

Kendell Rizzo: Communications Advisor.

Kacper Wikiel: Project Advisor, CEO of Yikes – Bitcoin lending platform.

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Natalie Johnson