We call it the HashStaker - The World’s First Cloud Staking Wallet.

HashStaker is not a Hashlet. It’s an entirely new generation of currency generating devices; one that works with Prime Controllers and Proof of Stake. We’ve taken everything you love about mining, and created a product where you can more reliably judge its profitability over time.

Of course, this means exactly what you would expect: You will be able to generate next-generation PoS cryptocurrencies, like Paycoins, more reliably and profitably than ever before. However, here is the thing, HashStaker works on a completely new generation of currency technology, that no one else has, like PoS utilizing Prime Controllers.

HashStaker wallets payout new currency and use next-generation technology that makes them capable of things you could only dream of with a traditional mining rig. There are no-drops in payouts for their entire lifespan. The wallets have complete immunity to difficulty increases. There are zero maintenance fees. They enjoy the highest payouts of any miner, period. And the most exciting thing about HashStakers is their profitability!

We’ve only scratched the surface. You will soon be able to trade them, sell them, and amp them when HashBase is released.
How do HashStakers Work?

A HashStaker is a cloud based “Super Wallet” that we host for you in your ZenCloud account,, and leave open so it can stake. Since they are installed on our servers, they will stake at a rate equal to all the Prime Controllers GAW is managing.

Here is the breakdown:

Since HashStakers are cloud based wallets, they require coins to start staking. The first HashStaker we built is for Paycoin, and we will add more in the future.

Paycoin HashStaker wallets require a Paycoin to be in the HashStaker wallet for it to stake, of course. Once you transfer your Paycoin to it, your HashStaker will start to stake and be paid out each day with the normal daily payout times. HashStaker’s wallets are customizable. You can choose the size (how many Paycoins they can hold) and the duration of time you want them for, which means you only need to pay for the time you want. We are starting with three and six month time frames, adding more intervals in the future.

How Does Ordering Work?

I know this is exciting and sounds all very new. But, don’t worry. Setting up a HashStaker is easy!

Your HashStaker Wallet can be purchased in ZenCloud or the GAW Miners website. Decide the size of the HashStaker (amount of coins it can hold), and if you want it for a full or half Prime Round duration (three or six months). HashStakers cannot be merged or split, but you can buy them in any configuration and have as many as you want until they are sold out.

Obtain Paycoin - Either through the second ICO round, or buying coins from Paybase (a single one or multiple, depending on your HashStaker size). Once Round One Stake rate is declared, staking period can start.

Transfer Paycoins from your Paycoin Wallet to your HashStaker. Enjoy getting daily payouts that never decrease. It’s that simple.

Since each HashStaker is its own wallet, each HashStaker has its own wallet address. Once the first Prime Round starts, you will receive a HashStaker wallet address for your reserved HashStaker.

Transferring coins to your HashStaker activates it to start staking your coins with GAW’s Prime Controllers, and locks in your payout at that round’s rate for your entire HashStaker duration (three or six months). When it expires, the coins inside automatically transfer back to your ZenCloud account.

Remember, you can return your HashStaker for a full refund for up to 24 hours after round one stake rate is declared.

Disclaimer: The HashStaker Wallet price is relative to the stake rate. The higher the stake rate, the more valuable a HashStaker Wallet is.


Taking the Next Step Forward

From this day onward, cryptocurrency will never be the same.

HashStaker changes everything about mining. With features like being refundable, zero maintenance fees, locked in payouts, scarcity, no difficulty increases, guaranteed up-time with complete insurance coverage, and ROIs like never before. HashStakers are, without a doubt, the biggest leap forward in mining we’ve ever offered. Period.


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