Paycoin- A Cryptocurrency fit for the world!

Paycoin is designed to facilitate mass adoption. Paycoins also introduce Prime controllers.

Paycoins will be launched in December 2014. Be ready to get your paycoins the day they come out.


Paycoin is the first crypto coin to ever be launched with its own credit card, the first to be instantly accepted at all the “major retailers,” and the first to be listed on all of the major crypto currency exchanges, immediately upon its launch in December 2014.

paycoin ico

Paycoin will launch with global partners and a 250 million dollar backing,partnerships with e-commerce giants like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target, and Paycoin goes public in December 2014. Big-ticket retailers especially appreciate the instant, fee-free Paycoin transactions and encrypted technology that prevents data breaches from happening


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