About Us

About Us

Paycoins.biz publishes content on digital currency, Bitcoin, Paycoin and other altcoins. We at Paycoins.biz also provide content about up-to-date news and announcements in the digital currency industry. We frequently feature articles on new online start-ups, businesses and crypto currency organizations. All of our content is accurate and obtained by reliable sources or personal interviews.



Natalie Johnson

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, Writer, reporter, blogger, internet marketer. Natalie loves learning about new ways to implement cryptocurrency.

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Jonathan Brellis

Full time writer, Jonathan loves the concept of Digital Currency. He is a web developer and is currently involved in a few Paycoin development projects.

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Lynn Ngo

Lynn enjoys all things crypto and has been an avid enthusiast since 2012. She believes digital currency to be a technological advancement that can benefit society on a global scale. Lynn also enjoys creating video games in her spare time.

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Sydney Tulles

Cryptocurrency supporter, freelance writer, following global digital currency trends. Sydney has been writing for Paycoins.biz since November 2014.

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Tim Kar

Timothy Kar, originally from India, first got into Bitcoin in 2010. He has been fascinated with cryptocurrency ever since. More recently, he began following Paycoin and has since began working on developmental tools for Paycoin. Tim says he enjoys writing about cryptocurrency because it is the future of the financial world. He believes there are great opportunities to change peoples lives with the emerging technology.

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