Increase Paycoin Profits with Hashstakers

Hashstaker is “The World’s First Cloud Staking Wallet”. In order to solve the pesky problem of volatile and constant changes for cryptocurrency GAW created Hashstaker. Simply put, Hashstaker is a Proof of Stake system for miners and investors.

How Does it Work?
Each Hashstaker “wallet” holds a certain number of Paycoins. The bigger the wallet, the more Paycoins that will fit in them. Hashstakers will give u guaranteed daily payouts- between .0075 & .01 Paycoins/ per day.

How it is different from other Cryptocurrency Mining
Instead of being able to mine indefinitely, the mining period will be very short, possibly just a few weeks! When the mining period is over, it is time to stake…(Hence the word Hashstaker!) For those who did not mine Paycoins during the mining period, they can now purchase coins and begin their Proof of Stake.

Why Proof of Stake?
If the proof of Stake concept is new to you, you may think, wow, such a short mining period how can this be good for miners? The answer here is why the concept can equate to massive profits. Indeed, the mining period is very short, by design. This was carefully thought out of course… By allowing a very short mining period for Paycoins there will be a limited number, driving up the price. Therefore miners will be holding coins with never before seen potential in the mining arena.

How Much Do Hashstakers Cost?
Here is exact rates depending on the number of Hashstakers you want to buy at at GAWMiners. Basically, there are various sizes of wallets to purchase depending on how many paycoins you want to put in them. The bigger the wallet, the more Paycoins that will fit in them.

Hashstakers Earning Potential
There is a little bit of figuring to do based on what you have invested. I highly recommend this to help you figure your potential ROI.

Is there an Alternative to Buying Hashstakers?
Yes. If you do not want to buy Hashstakers to hold your Paycoins you don’t have to. You just don’t get the larger annual percent ROI. If you decide to only have your Paycoins in a standard wallet, you will get around 5% annual return on them.

An Ingenious System for Miners and Investors
Whether you are already an invester with GAW or are just getting aquainted with the fast growing company, they have many opportunities and ways to invest. Hashstakers is just one way to make money with them.

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