GAW Announcement- Hashlet Upgrades!


If you have not yet read the latest announcement from GAWMiners, then you will want to catch up on the current updates. This announcement, made on Dec 3 2014, helps to end alot of speculation we investors of Paycoin have been left wondering about. The future of Hashlets and more specifically - Primes has been revealed!


A Choice to Continue to Mine to HashPool

One of the first things mentioned was that all Multi, Clever and Waffle Hashlets will have a choice of mining to HashPool thru the Proof of Work (PoW) phase til Paycoin begins the Proof of Stake (PoS) phase.


Now, lets get into how Hashlet Upgrades Work…

Beginning Friday, Dec 5, 2020 Hashlet Primes will have upgrade buttons on them. (But no worries)…Just press that button and you’ll be guided through your upgrade options. Now that you’ve selected your upgrade options your round one reservation slot is locked in. Remember, the Prime won’t change over until Paycoin’s official public launch. This is really great for Hashlet owners who make these upgrades because you get a little more time to gain value prior to the official upgrade.

When Paycoin is in the proof of work stage (PoW), your new Hashstaker Wallet will appear automatically. Don’t forget, we can continue mining HashPool right till this moment occurs.

Part of GAW’s strategy to ensure a proper lift-off of the HashStaker market, is to allow access to the market over a period of time BUT priority will be given to those who have upgraded first.

Here is why you want to upgrade to HashStakers ASAP… The sooner you do, the sooner the HashStaker Market will begin for you!

Eventually, every upgraded HashStaker will have access to the HashStaker Market. But the upgrade slots are limited. The only way to ensure that you don’t wait around and miss your chance to gain access is to upgrade as soon as you can.


Hashlet Prime Upgrades

As you already know- HashStakers are valuable and limited. So…we all want to get as many as we can!
GAWMiners is actually restricting their sales just so that Prime holders get a guaranteed placement in the first HashStaker round. Again, theres only so much room for ownership in HashStakers and they want to help out as much as possible.


Option #1

(If you want to make a large sum of money fast this option will deliver that.)

Prime owners can convert each 1MH Hashlet Prime into 5-slot X 6-month HashStakers!
Each of these will be worth near $20 a slot! What this means is your $50 Prime is now doubled in value (at nearly $100). You do the math…
But the only catch is, after the 6 months is over you forfeit your Primes. That’s certainly something to consider. This is an excellent ROI but it will end after the 6months…

****You will have this option until Paycoin becomes Proof of Stake, (PoS) and the HashStaker’s stake rate for the first round is released.
****On the plus and minus side, this does give you a quick exit strategy.


Option #2

(This is the Long-Term Strategy)

Upgrade your Hashlet Primes to HashStaker Primes!

Okay, if you hate (or dislike) the idea of turning in your Primes, thankfully we have another option.
If you don’t want your Primes to dissolve after the 6 month investment period, this is NOT the option you want to take. So think hard before u do this!


The HashStaker Primes

First, a very important thing to note, all Hashlet Primes in ZenCloud have a HashStaker Prime reserved for them. If you want to get in on the most profitable way to mine, this is the ticket. You don’t want to miss out on these staking profits!

HashStaker Primes have some impressive features:

• No fees.
• No expiration.
• Free access to amps.
• They can stake any PoS coin GAW adds to HashBase.
• The first HashStakers on the marketplace, AND they’ll be valued much higher$$$.
• They adjust to lock-in at the new round stake rate (Every 6 months).
• More exclusive than Hashlet Primes, as they will be even rarer and more desirable$$$.


For all Hashlet Solo Owners…

You will be able to upgrade to a 3 month HashStakers at a 1:1 ratio and there are NO upgrade fees!
All Hashlet Solos and every 10GH of Genesis - will be able to upgrade to a 1-slot, 1 coin, 3-month HashStaker.
Just to point out, EVERY Hashlet can earn an entire $20 Paycoin.
Here is a look at the schedule GAW has set up:

Starting Friday December 5 2014 -

Friday - Prime holders get priority to upgrade first. This also means they will have access to the most number of HashStaker slots. (Remember the wi’ll have upgrade buttons to look for.)

Monday - ZenHashlet owners can upgrade.

Wednesday - Multi, Clever and Waffles can upgrade.

Wednesday - Genesis owners can upgrade to the final remaining HashStaker upgrade slots.

Well, I hope this helped update you on the latest announcement from GAWMiners and you can keep on making good strategies to further your investment. Until the next announcement.. Stay tuned!



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