Paycoin Digital Money - Solution to ID Theft and Inflation??

paycoin digital money is a solution to  id theft and inflation

Paycoin has been traded on the open exchange market since its launch in December. As a decentralized electronic currency, Paycoin is gaining monumental publicity. People are wondering, is Paycoin digital currency the solution to identity theft and an inflating Dollar?

This is quite the statement, understandably, but Paycoin is making history every day. The technological advancements now available to the world in the name of financial transactions is something to recognize. Cyber security, one of the largest threats to everyone on the planet, is exacerbated by the millions of online transactions and credit card payments made each day. Merchants and consumers have long sought after a solution to this, not to mention the inflating Dollar. Could it be that Paycoin digital money is the solution to our problems?

ID Theft

Yes, Paycoin actually thwarts hackers from stealing sensitive customer information while transactions are going through. The standard encrypted technology we have used for decades with payment processors like Visa and MasterCard are lacking in something… a blockchain. The unique blockchain associated with Paycoin is the one to thank for ensuring these safer payments.


Paycoin is a decentralized currency - it is in the hands of the people, not the government. Its value works on the simple economics of supply and demand.

Opening Market

Scheduled for this December 29, the consumer market of Paycoin will officially open up.

Note: Until this date the public will have only been able to buy and sell Paycoin digital money on online currency exchanges (i.e.,, etc.).

The nuts and bolts of using Paycoin as a currency is through Paybase. It is Paybase that will act as an online banking platform that will allow these Paycoin transactions to take place.


Yes, adoption of Paycoin by merchants and consumers comes with great benefits. Identity theft protection and moving away from the Dollar are two key advantages that can improve the world. On that note, I think Paycoin digital money is the solution we’ve long awaited to combat these challenges.



Author: Natalie Johnson

Date: 12/27/14

Copyright: 2015

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