Josh Garza to Address Paycoin and Paybase Critics at Miami TNABC

Earlier, we talked about Josh Garza speaking at the North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) on Jan. 17. We
announced that Josh would be speaking about industrial Bitcoin mining, but this has changed. Josh will now be
addressing the Paycoin community’s concerns in a Q and A session during his time slot.

Suggested by TNABC conference organizer, Moe Levin, Josh Garza will help aid public opinion of GAW Miners and
Paycoin, by allowing this healthy exchange of information that people desperately want. This is probably a better use of time at the conference and will potentially help GAW’s reputation.

We can speculate that a discussion likely will arise about Paycoin’s $20 floor, or the buy back of Paycoin that
was guaranteed.

People may also want to know about the technology innovations that Paycoin is supposed to implement.

Maybe Josh will reveal the major investors in the company. Supposedly, there is a $100 million dollar investment.

Nonetheless, everyone in the Paycoin community is anxious to see the outcome of the TNABC conference and what
it means for Paycoin.

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