New Financial Partner and Other Important Paybase Announcements!

GAW wants everyone to know that Paybase developments will come alot sooner than expected. This now gives us a
better idea of when to expect the Paybase events to unfold on the timeline.

Three other important things were mentioned. One important statement was made that Paybase will offer immediate
international support when those features go live. Secondly, direct debit card usability and the bill pay features we have heard so much about, will be a reality in as quickly as two weeks from now. The third thing to point out is that GAW has contracted a new banking and financial Partner. GAW did not release the name but supposedly, this new partner is pretty well-known, works with some big clients in the industry, and is among the largest financial companies in the world.
This is really great news!

As we mentioned in our previous post about re-strengthening Paycoin support, hopefully these promises for a faster release of Paybase features will help the Paycoin community regain their hope.

These announcements were posted on the Hashtalk forum.

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