Paybase launches December 29th

It’s official! Paybase launches on December 29th, according to Gawminers CEO Josh Garza.
Paycoin will then have a minimum value of $20 US. And Paybase will guarantee that floor of $20 on Paycoin starting when Paybase launches on December 29th 2014.


Paycoin has been in the spotlight ever since its launch last week and also is expected to rise more and more over the coming weeks. Paycoin has a $250 Million reserve fund to help with mass adoption and world wide marketing

Paycoin will be used to make purchases at virtually hundreds of thousands of merchants worldwide. And also Paycoin wille arn you a APR of 5% just sitting in your account. Paycoin transactions are almost instantaneous, and are safer than using trafitional credit cards.


Paybase will offer debit cards to spend your Paycoins with.


Stay tuned at for more information on Paycoin as it comes out.

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