The Paybase Challenge - Build-A-Business

Hello Everyone!

Have you heard about GAW’s Paybase Build-A-Business Challenge? Here are all the details to get started!


Beginning today till March 1st 2015…….


If you have an innovative business startup idea GAW Miners wants to give you the support to make it happen.
The Paybase Challenge is an international competition, open to entrepreneurs across the world.


The Paybase Challenge

Start a new business or significantly grow your existing one to compete for funding awarded to the most worthy candidates.


The Grand Prize

♦    $25,000 in funding
♦    1:1 coaching from the entire judge panel to make it a reality
♦    international attention from investors
♦    placement on the



Winners will be selected by a panel of expert judges with a proven track record for innovating and starting successful ventures.



Innovation - How impactful is your company? Is it doing something important?
Community - How far has your message spread? How deep is your support?
Design - How beautiful is your website? Does your business look as good as it talks?
Paycoin Revenue - How much revenue can your company prove on Paycoin’s blockchain?



There will be from 1st to 24th place winners BUT the entire cash prize pool will be given out to over 50 companies who rise to the top.
The Paybase Challenge in total is giving out over $100,000!
Take a look at the Paybase Challenge Award Schedule 

Read the full Paybase Challenge 


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