Paycoin - Most Successful Launch in History

The Paycoin launch, yesterday, December 12, 2020 was a great success! It was so successful that just hours after launch, more than 5% of the global SHA256 hashpower was pointed at the coin. Within a few hours, the global SHA-256 hashpower rose to 10%.

If you were mining Paycoin, then you probably know the coin was solo mined by private and public pools with enough hashpower to cause independent forks. These forks make it impossible to track the true network hashpower. The total hashrate added to the network and speed coming at it was unprecedented. This is where complications arose.

Here is what you need to know based on these updates:

As of right now anyone past block 277 is on a forked chain and should resync their wallet.

The Re-Launch

The relaunch is currently planned from block 277 on Sunday night (December 14, 2020)

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