Josh Garza vs Andrew Vegetabile

There is an interesting discussion going on about the head guys of Paycoin and Litecoin! Questions have arisen following statements made by Andrew Vegetablile and others about GAW’s new ownership of Coin-Swap. In response to all the commotion, Paycoin leader, Josh Garza, has challenged Andrew Vegetabile of Litecoin to a friendly debate.  

Here is another topic, not yet surfaced (until now): Is Litecoin Director Andrew Vegetabile trying to position his new cryptocurrency exchange, Koinyx by displacing Paycoin and Coin-Swap? I believe the information about to be revealed here is paramount for everyone to see the truth and what Andrew Vegetabile is not being transparent about.

Here is what you should know about Andrew Vegetabile, the questions I have for him, and the community. 

The new scandal

Andrew Vegetabile is in the same exact position he is “concerned” about GAW being in. He is both the director of Litecoin, and the CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange (Koinyx). This is a situation where the “black pot calls the kettle black”. Andrew also said the fact GAW created Paycoin and now owns Coin-Swap raises concern for price manipulation.

Andrew Vegetabile:

“I believe that they crossed a significant ethical boundary by creating a coin then taking ownership of an exchange which can then be utilized as a way to control the prices of said coin. They are belittling the hard work of honest and ethical developers of all coins by their actions.” (CCN )

A new flame in the fire 

Andrew Vegetabile announced on October 4 2014, Litecoin’s plans to launch Koinyx. And who is the CEO of Koinyx? Andrew Vegatabile himself. Vegetabile raises speculations of GAW and CEO Josh Garza for launching Paycoin AND also owning a currency exchange…whilst Vegetabile is a leader of Litecoin, planning HIS launch of a currency exchange. (Some people may not have realized this and that’s why we are bringing it up.)



To Andrew Vegetabile: 

1. What is the real reason for your statements about GAW and their acquisition of Coin-Swap?

2. Are you planning to manipulate the price of Litecoin on your new currency exchange?


To the Community: 

1. Are you concerned about Andrew Vegetabiles’ statements or his motives?

2. Do you think Andrew is positioning himself to manipulate the price of Litecoin?

3. Is Andrew trying to displace Paycoin and Coin-Swap with controversy?


What are Vegetabile’s true motives?

Maybe if we are lucky, Andrew Vegetabile will clear this up for us. I would hate to think that Andrew and Litecoin have bad intentions, not only for Paycoin and GAW but for the community. Perhaps we should consider whether they are they planning to manipulate the price of Litecoin with their new exchange? This is what Andrew deviously implied might occur if a cryptocurrency leader simultaneously owns an exchange!

Natalie Johnson

Is this an attempt to debase Paycoin and vilify GAW, for the gain of Litecoin and their upcoming currency exchange?

What does everyone think about Andrew Vegetabile’s implied accusations? 

Does Andrew have bad intentions? Is he trying to manipulate the price of Litecoin by starting a new exchange?

Leave your comments below!

  1. You do realize, Andrew did not create Litecoin, he is merely a community leader right. Is that really difficult for everyone to see?

  2. Andrew was appointed the director by the LA. He is a good guy, and is attempting to disconnect his director status from the exchange. Anyway the exchange is not yet open.

    Whilst most of Litecoin’s volume is mostly distributed amongst many exchanges - 30% okcoin, 35% btc-e, 9% bitfinex, 5% btc38, - pay coin isn’t. Also Josh created an official exchange, where pretty much all the users would be forced to use, where value manipulation will be incredibly hard. Paycoin was already premined, and as we all know PoS coins cannot have a guaranteed value, this is without extreme market manipulation. Which is what Josh is using. On the other hand, Litecoin has hundreds of exchanges, where users have choices on what they can use, where no one is forced to use Andrew’s exchange.

    Andrew can easily be replaced if the LA and or the core devs feel if they need to, but I believe this is not going to happen. Andrew primarily represents the LA, but some others, such as the developers (cobble, warren and such) can object what he does. But in Paycoin, Josh pretty much owns it, he controls it completely, no one to object to him, or even question him - that is say true apart from the users.

    Say Andrew did get 30% of LTC volume, which probably wouldn’t happen, since a lot of high balance users are Chinese and do not follow LA stuff, he wouldn’t have 90% or more of people follow his exchange for if they should buy, sell or hold.

    I don’t mean to offend TheMage by saying that he can be easily replaced… I just the LA community have a bigger say then pretty much just Andrew himself.

    • Thanks for that information. I see what you’re saying now. He is an Association Director that has a say among a group of people concerning Litecoin. So, he doesn’t have full control over the coin and neither does any one person :)

  3. “I realised that ‘awaiting moderation’ means my comment will most likely be removed. Also this site doesn’t count as a new website, just an advertising machine for those who pay.” Couldn’t help it, I saw your post :)
    This site does not have any affiliate links or ads at all whatsoever. We haven’t made a dime from the site actually. The goal has been to promote Paycoin but there’s nothing wrong with earning upkeep costs- we might start selling girl scout cookies -jk ;);)

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