Paybase Visa Coming this December

the paybase visa card for paycoin

Breaking Announcement!

On Friday Dec. 5 2014, Josh Garza, GAW Miners CEO tweeted: “It’s official, the first cards issued on PayBase will be with Visa. We will start issuing them within the next two weeks. With all the buzz going on from GAW Miners’ previous announcement on their launch of Paycoin - the latest cryto currency, this just adds to everyone’s excitement!

Paycoins are taking the world by storm! They are quickly changing not only the world of crypto currency but also changing the face of currency as a whole. Not only is the announcement of the Paybase Visa overall an exciting new innovation- It is a spectacular advancement for Paycoin! Being able to use Paycoin to make transactions easily is very important for the use and growth of Paycoin. And that of course, is what the Paybase Visa will do.

Never before has the world seen anything like it. Yes, it will take time for Paycoin adoption to become widespread but all the banking features and more will be available with Paybase. Paybase, soon to be launched, will be the transaction platform for Paycoin - (similar to an online banking account or Paypal account).

What will the Paybase Visa look like?

We really can’t say exactly what the Paybase Visa will look like yet. It will just have to be a surprise until they come out this December! They will probably look just like any Visa card you have in your wallet.


What will you Buy with Your Paybase Card?

Hashtalk, as you may know, is the official GAW Miners Blog for all news and announcements on their developments, namely Paycoin and Paybase. One member of Hashtalk shared his excitement about the new Paybase Visa Cards in this post:

“Once that Visa card arrives on my doormat I will literally be dancing in circles. It’s quite extraordinary how much progress has been made in such a short space of time

I’d not even heard of Paycoin/Hashcoin just 5 short weeks ago and now it seems nothing will be the same again. Since the start i’ve run everything past my wife on the

twice per day school runs. On the way there, on the way back, discussing all things GAW in every detail, every scenario and risk and opportunity analysed and re-analysed.

She has been so patient and so that’s why… My first Paycoin Visa purchase will be a treat for my wife. I’ll be paying for a meal at my wife’s favourite restaurant. My

second purchase will be diamonds for her.”

Other people on the forum said their first purchases were going to be a laptop and a re-investment in Paycoin. Great idea!! From some rare Ayam Cemani chickens to a good old-fashioned pizza… really they’re isn’t much you can’t buy with the Paybase Visa. Anything you can buy with your standard Visa card you can make purchases with the
Paybase Visa! You just need to have Paycoins in your Paybase account :)


How Can You Get A Paybase Visa?

The Paybase Visa Card will be ready in the next 2 weeks, so stay tuned….

Check out Hashtalk - Up-to-the-minute Paycoin Anouncements from GAW Miners !


So what will YOU buy with your Paybase Visa card??

More HashStakers ? A new Car ??


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Date: 12/15/14

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