Paycoin is the future of Transactions

Paycoin, formerly Hashcoin, is the future of transactions.

Built as an improvement on the digital currency envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto and
launching with more behind it than any other cryptocurrency in history, Paycoin will
revolutionize payments to merchants as well as to friends and family. Announced by CEO of
GAWMiners Josh Garza is Paybase, an innovative platform built from the ground up for
Paycoin that will allow seamless conversions between Bitcoin, Paycoin, and traditional fiat

Paycoin can be spent anywhere debit cards are accepted, unlike Bitcoin, which can require
sometimes costly point of sale systems as an additional cost for merchants. Paycoin can also
be sent anywhere around the world and instantly converted to local currency without any
complicated exchanges being involved. Paycoin can even be used to pay bills! With Paycoin
as a hub for all your finances, you’ll never have to interact with a bank or their transaction
costs, poor customer service, and payment disputes ever again.

But with a special fund dedicated to maintaining a stable price, Paycoin eliminates the final
barrier to widespread merchant acceptance of cryptocurrencies: volatility. If a merchant
wanted to accept Bitcoin and not pay a fee to instantly convert it into fiat, they could risk a
significant portion of their Bitcoin revenue through the wild Bitcoin price swings. Not an issue
with Paycoin. A special Coin Adoption Fund works to advance Paycoin and cryptocurrency as
a whole with a fiat reserve to ensure lower volatility, an adoption program to help merchants
and consumers use Paycoin, and a fund to help miners purchase atcost
hashing power to
mine Paycoins.

Paycoin will be launching with more support than any other currency, with an extensive
marketing budget and a very excited customer base eager to take part in Paycoin. Paycoins
can be obtained in multiple ways. Private investors took part in the first round of the Paycoin
ICO at an unknown price, and existing ZenCloud customers are able to obtain Paycoins for
400 HashPoints per coin as part of the second ICO round.

HashPoints accumulate as interest on the Bitcoin in your ZenCloud account, or they can be “mined” with no maintenance fees, a feature only available to Hashlet Primes and ZenHashlets. GAW will also be inviting select investors to participate in the third round of the ICO, at a price of $10 per coin.

After this, Hashbase, a platform that allows everyone to use cryptocurrencies, will lauch publicly along with Paycoin, which will then be available for everyone to purchase for $20 a coin.
Paycoin will make cryptocurrencies easier to use than ever before, and with the revolutionary
Paybase platform, everyone will be able to instantly send, receive, and trade Paycoin, Bitcoin,
and fiat currencies.

Paycoin also protects miners from the quick obsolescence of mining
equipment with the sale of lowcost and efficient mining power while incorporating Prime
Controllers, which act as “nodes” to process transactions. Paycoin will provide a secure,
stable, accessible, and efficient store of value to its adopters and will change currency