How is Paycoin Different ?

How is Paycoin Different?

Anyone who has been mining crypto-currencies for a while knows the drill. Every day, someone comes out with a new altcoin. Some are a great success (think Dogecoin), while others are a flop from the get-go (think Coinye coin). Most are somewhere in the middle.

Typically, altcoins are launched by a small team of amateur developers with big dreams but little business acumen. If the coin is lucky enough to get listed on an exchange, it gets mined by people hoping to make a quick profit. This is the pump-and-dump: the coin quickly appreciates in value, and is quickly dumped into oblivion.

This is not the way it is supposed to be. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are supposed to save us from the tyranny of central bankers and their inflationary printing presses. They are supposed to get the un-banked into the game. They are supposed to protect common people from extortionate rates on money transfers. Instead, what has happened? Miners have gotten cynical; philosophy has gone out the window. That is, until now.

So how is Paycoin different?

Paycoin is brought to you by a proven team of professional developers - a multimillion dollar company backed by tremendous business acumen. Paycoin is backed by a reserve of US dollars that protects early adopters from risk. This means that if you mine Paycoin when launched, you can rest assured that the coins you are mining will not dramatically decrease in value. This “proof of reserve” acts as a shield against the pump-and-dump by stabilizing the price of the coin.

Paycoin is designed for instant adoption by major retailers worldwide. It does not try to fight against or “improve” existing infrastructure - it works with it. Paycoin is specifically built to work with and for merchants who already accept credit cards. There’s no need for merchants to invest in new hardware.

In fact, the developers of Paycoin, GAW, have been busy working behind the scenes for months now getting major retailers on-board with Paycoin. So when Paycoin launches, there will be no wondering if it will eventually be listed on an exchange. There will be no speculation about how and if it can actually be used to make purchases. Everything will already be in place.

This is because Paycoin’s initial coin offering will go hand in hand with the launch of the world’s first coin adoption fund. This is something that even the current king of cryptos, Bitcoin, does not have. The coin adoption fund’s purpose is to provide the financing necessary to grow Paycoin, and spread adoption world-wide.

Something else that makes Paycoin stand out is the introduction of a new Hybrid Flex Blockchain. This technique regularly validates, compresses, and archives old transaction data to create near-instant transaction times with a light, efficient, and extremely secure blockchain. In addition, it is designed to ensure that mining difficulty increases are gradual, rather than abrupt.

In summary, Paycoin makes it easy for everyone to get into mining for low cost and without the steep learning curve. It removes the risk associated with investing in mining and crypto-currencies. It is not necessary to invest thousands of dollars and devote weeks of time to learning how to mine. GAW’s low-cost hashlets lets newbies get started easily. You can invest as little or as much as you want in GAW’s cloud mining platform, and it’s easy enough for your grandma to do. Paycoin truly is the people’s coin.

Visit GAW miners ( to get started mining Paycoin.

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