In response to an article published by Crytocoinsnews (CCN) today, I felt inspired to speak about a few things, primarily using profanity on popular news outlets and the impact. An OP-ED article written by Paul Madore talks about the writer’s opinion on Josh Garza, GAW and “followers”. I had many thoughts on this piece but foremost I wanted to address one thing in particular: Should Cryptocoinsnews release articles with profanity? (To be fair, let’s include all respectable news sites in that question.)

The purpose of this article is to find out how you in the community feel about this.

I am not obliged to type the words here that were published on CCN but you can review the article pasted down below. I am no prude but one word in particular is pretty questionable, in fact I’ve always despised it. For all due respect for Paul - it is an OP-ED article and we all have the freedom to express ourselves - no question whatsoever on that. However, after reading the profane language and my view of CCN was shattered, I started to ask myself, “Is this really okay?” and the answer to that question, I believe, is “no”. I am not happy with the notion of CCN publishing articles on its site with profane language that children and minors read.

I want to add that I have always revered CCN as a respectable crypto news site, linked to it many times even for my own articles. I would just like to know if CCN plans to release articles with this type of profanity in the future. If so, they should question that, and question it again.

I am not alone on this. In fact, today I was discussing this article with someone whom I talk about crypto news with daily, and they shared with me their colleague’s reaction to this article: (paraphrasing) ‘I even let my kids read CCN so they can learn about cryptocurrency, but after this article today I realize, they now need to add a Must be 18 to read disclaimer’.

To sum it up, this is bad publicity for CCN. Let’s also consider the possible readership that could be offended and hence lost with articles like these. This article could be offensive to virtually everyone! It’s not just parents who could have been offended by this use of language. I for one, do not have children, just so you know, but still I am sensitive to this. I do not like the idea that such occurrences should go unnoticed, without a flinch.

I hope that others will voice their opinions on this issue so that CCN will hear the community and act accordingly.

(This article refers to the last paragraph).

CCN article:



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Should Cryptocoinsnews release articles with profanity?

Do OP-ED pieces reflect on the news site that publishes them?

We want to know what you think!

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