Business Owners: Keep an Edge with Paycoin

paycoin will be important for business growth

If you are a business owner, the article is especially for you. Haven’t heard of Paycoin? -or- don’t know how it affects your business…? This will help get you up to speed.

Paycoin has launched and soon thousands of merchants will be accepting Paycoin payments. I’ll tell you how you can get ahead and not be left behind!


First things first

What is Paycoin?



Paycoin is a global currency that lets you make purchases to businesses or simply make business transactions.


Send money to friends or family, worldwide. Can be converted to the local currency.


What’s so great about Paycoin?

2. Send money to anyone in the world.
3. Easy to use.
4. Easy to convert.

The Many Uses of Paycoin

1. Debit Card Access
2. Access to ATMs
3. Bill Pay
4. Auto Convert to BTC
5. Browser Plug-ins
6. Social Media Tipping
7. Historical Tracking

As you can see, Paycoin goes way beyond the scope of any currency on the market! If the word innovation comes to mind, that’s because it is exactly that. No other crypto currency or currecy for that matter has gone where Paycoin is going.


Paycoin will Change Businesses and Banking


If you haven’t heard the term crypto currency before… there’s a good reason. No other crypto currency, before Paycoin has been designed for practical use in modern business and banking. Paycoin is “The Brave New Currency”!

Paycoin Will:

1. Allow more secure transactions: The safer consumers feel, the more will transact with your business.

2. LOWER Prices: Lower costs (transaction fees) to you the business owner means you can be even more
competitive. AND Lower prices means more sales!

3. GROW All Businesses who use Paycoin: More sales for your business translates to growth.

Learn more in-depth how Paycoin will Reduce Prices and Benefit Merchants here.


Where will Paycoin Take Your Business?

businesses can grow with paycoin









Paycoin has launched and as more people AND businesses start using it, that means one crucial thing:

Where will Paycoin take YOUR business?

As you know, every business must continuously grow and adapt to meet ever-changing demands of the world. A business that does not adapt does not grow. Today we see how technology has offered great strides for business growth, i.e online shopping. Unfortunately, though many business have and still continue to lose massive profits by not adapting.


Accept Paycoin for Your Business!

Worldwide online retailers are starting to accept PayCoin directly or through third party payment processors. Paycoin will quickly change how you do business as well. With widespread adoption, you do not want to lose customers seeking payment with Paycoin. The best way to ensure you don’t is by accepting Paycoin payments as soon as possible.

Soon, hundreds of thousands of businesses will be accepting PayCoin - Don’t miss out!

I need more information before I can make that first step…

Keep learning about Paycoin and stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments! If you want to further your business, now is a critical time in history for any business owner. Alot is at stake. Paycoin has the potential to grow your business and increase your profits!

Author: Natalie Johnson

Date: 12/15/14

© Copyright: 2015

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