Launched on Jan. 19 2015, FastXPY is an instant exchange using Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin or Reddcoin for Paycoin (XPY). FastXPY is providing their exchange services to the public for free and without needing an account. The exchange also benefits miners as they can configure their BTC, LTC, DOGE mining to automatically payout in XPY.

Phil Vadala, founder of FastXPY:

“Since decided to remove XPY we thought what better way to help Paycoin grow [than] to create a new innovate way to exchange Paycoin…”

Industry leader and paycoin innovator

Phil Vadala, who resides in Sydney, Australia, is a dedicated member of the crypto community. He actively collaborates with fellow industry innovators and enthusiasts alike to make cryptocurrency more innovative than it has ever been before.

Aside from his latest project, FastXPY, Phil Vadala shows his support for the digital currency industry as a TeamPaycoin member. TeamPaycoin is the largest facilitator of Paycoin web and app development and promotion. Vadala’s mission is clear in his statement: “Paycoin will be the future…We have a solid and dedicated community that have fought and stuck together in the toughest of times, that alone is worth more then anything in crypto.”


FastXPY buys Paycoin from Cryptsy / Bittrex using their API. FastXPY’s exchange is free, however, they do take the standard exchange fees for buying, selling, or withdrawal. To use FastXPY:

1. Simply select the coin you want to exchange to Paycoin (XPY).

2. Send coins to generated deposit address.

3. Receive Paycoins in your XPY wallet.


Mr. Vadala has some awesome goals for FastXPY. He and his team wish to make XPY more accessible and more usable as a currency.


One of the biggest tasks they are working on now is API access. Vadala says:

“We are working on alot of great things at the moment the next step is to roll out our API and integrate it with payment processors, merchants, websites etc to give the people the ability to spend any Altcoin anywhere and instantly convert them to Paycoin (XPY). Once we start to roll out the API we will be building services around the API to further develope and make it easy for people to use Paycoin and accept Paycoin.”


FastXPY Timeline of Events


Vadala states that supporting more currencies on the exchange is just a matter of time. He is clear about what he wants for FastXPY but also what he does not want. It appears that Vadala’s vision for FastXPY does not include allowing the exchange of XPY for other coins:

“We wish not to sell Paycoins only buy them off the market. We would encourage people to use PayBase to sell. We will not add the option to sell XPY since we have a different vision than that…”

Mr. Vadala believes this is a strategic move that will allow Paycoin (XPY) to benefit more and increase its value. In general, Vadala believes FastXPY has great potential to raise the price of XPY, something the XPY community has really hoped and prayed for. He says:

“Any coins you do buy via our exchange will help XPY to increase in value, since we are buying them off the markets, we are not selling our own coins.”


FastXPY is just one of the amazing developments moving digital currency closer to adoption. If you take a look at what has already been achieved in the industry, you realize digital currency adoption is moving at quite a healthy pace. So many valuable resources have already been created! These resources are powerful assets needed to breath the life into digital money, taking it from a lofty idea into reality.

Paycoin and other digital currencies like Bitcoin are still in the resource-building stage. However, these resources are being built at a very rapid pace thanks the nature of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a unique technology that allows practically anyone, anywhere in the world to  participate in its application and growth. All participants share an incredible vision: Replace the current monetary system and build the infrastructure of digital currency.

Part of something bigger

Like so many other pioneers in this technology, Vadala has created a resource, (FastXPY) that puts his own energy in the evolution of cryptocurrency. This investment makes himself part of something bigger, something that will effectively shape history and directly impact society.


“FastXPY is not going anywhere and we will continue to innovate to prove the industry wrong about Paycoin. We believe that this community is something special and want to be apart of history….”



It is clear that FastXPY’s journey has just begun…Within the coming months we are sure to see some more great things from Vadala and his team. This is certainly a step in the right direction, maybe it will even inspire others to create a new resource for Paycoin or other digital currency. I can’t wait to see their upcoming developments!


Here is what FastXPY users are saying:

“Well deserved @fastXPY - have been using your service since last night and really love it. I especially
like that we have a linked BTC address for life so anytime I have some extra BTC I can just send it there
(without even going back to the fast xpy site) and it shows up in Paybase. Thanks!”

“Awesome, just tried it! So slick! sent 3LTC as a tester. Within a minute, I sent LTC, had it deposited,
exchanged to XPY, and then sent and deposited into my Paybase account. Good lord, its like the future
arrived today!”

“I just gave it a whirl. I have never used a service like this before and am gobsmacked at how fast it is.
I think I may have also saved 1.3 million+ sats in the process. I am way too impatient to put buy orders in
and wait for them to be filled. I love it.”

Get Paycoin fast, without the hassle of an account sign-up, using FastXPY!


Author: Natalie Johnson

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