Special Perks for Paybase Premier Memberships - 10,000 to be Given Away!

Paybase Premier has a lot of perks


As we announced yesterday, Paybase has launched! Apart from all the amazing benefits of having a Paybase account for Paycoin  transactions, there’s much more in store. A limited number of Paybase Premier invitations will be given to select Paybase users. Only 10,000 of these FREE  lifetime accounts will be given away. These Paybase Premier members will help lead the way for Paybase. The even better reason to be a Paybase Premier member?… you’ll be the first to gain access to new features AND you’ll get spectacular benefits.There is a limited number of people that will be eligible to receive an invite.  How do you get one? The Paybase team will be searching for who they think are the “Top Paycoin ambassadors”.


Become a Paybase Premier Member


The Invite Criteria:


♦  Accounts that maintain a positive buy/sell ratio

♦  Accounts that stay above a certain XPY balance inside of Paybase

The Benefits of Being a PayBase Premier Member:


♦  First access to all announced and future features Paybase has to offer. Paycoin debit card, Bill Pay, Lending, Contracts, etc.

♦  A new badge to show the rest of the community your commitment to making Paycoin and Paybase truly game-changing.

♦  Higher transaction limits more quickly than standard verification will offer.

♦  Premier Paybase accounts will not only have the highest industry security and insurance

♦  Premier Paybase accounts get a stake rate of 5% per annum!

Even Better Perks!!!

Those Double Dipped Hash perks were great, but these Paybase Premier perks are even better. Stay on your toes, the first of these cool perks will be announced tomorrow.


Get Voting Privileges

All Paybase Premier Members will share a powerful force in shaping Paybase. You will be able to voice your opinion in a feedback loop. Submit your suggestions, get real feedback, and be the deciding factor in selected promotions.


GAW Wants to Reward Believers in Paycoin

As you can see, this is a BIG opportunity. It’s obvious why these Paybase Premier memberships are great and that we all want one, but why is GAW awarding these upgrades?Some people have chosen the quick and easy way out of Paycoin while others are staying with it till fruition. GAW wants to reward those who have done so. They are showing their appreciation for these investors by giving out these Premier accounts.


Remember, the selection will be based on:


♦ Invitation only, and
♦ How you manage your Paybase account.


On a Closing Note…

The Paybase Premier Upgrade will come at a low monthly subscription, but will all these benefits, it will be well worth it!

The GAW Team stresses:

“…this is not a ‘whale’ thing; it does not matter how many Paycoins you have. This is a belief thing. We have asked people to take a leap of faith with us and with Paycoin - we want to show you how committed we are to you.”

So don’t forget…..

The first of these super perks will be announced here tomorrow!

The official announcement on Paybase Premier Memberships

Source: Paycoins.biz

Author: Natalie Johnson

Date: 12/29/2014

Copyright 2015

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