paycoin logo officially re-launches on February 23, 2020., formerlly managed by GAW Miners, will now be maintained by The Paycoin Foundation. Members of The Paycoin Foundation are now directly responsible for Paycoin’s direction and success. The goals of this new site management and Paycoin leadership are to strengthen Paycoin’s development and hopefully refresh and reload the Paycoin movement. is one of the most valuable public resources for Paycoin. The site provides tools, resources, merchant information, and you can also register your online wallet. If you’re ready to spend your Paycoin, head on over to’s list of Paycoin Merchants. These are all merchants that currently accept Paycoin payments.

For website developers, you can also find payment gateways and other handy Paycoin graphics on

The Paycoin Foundation is a non-profit organization providing sustainable solutions to global issues. Read about their latest project led by Paycoin Cares to develop and install the world’s first XPY ATM.


Also read the relaunch, continued. Find out how the Paycoin Foundation is leading the way for Paycoin!

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