In our last post, we shared with you about the official relaunch. The Paycoin Foundation made this important announcement February 23, 2020 to introduce itself as the new forerunner of Paycoin. That’s right, Paycoin has changed hands. This is a very significant event in Paycoin’s history that will certainly change Paycoin, hopefully for the better.

Re-shaping paycoin’s future

President of the Paycoin Foundation, Adam Matlack, expresses that he and his team’s goals are to lead the way for Paycoin development and spread awareness. The foundation plans to do so through its many projects. Technical development and bringing digital currency where it is needed the most are two objectives on the organization’s agenda.

The Paycoin Foundation branches off into two organizations: Paycoin Cares and Team Paycoin. Members of Paycoin Cares and Team Paycoin include individuals who are skilled in marketing and development and avid supporters of Paycoin and digital currency. Team Paycoin has already released numerous tools, APIs, and websites and is hard at work on the release of future developments.

Paycoin Cares, on the other hand, has begun its first of many projects. Its focus is on connecting the human side of cryptocurrency. We proudly reported on their first project: creating the world’s first XPY ATM, and shared with you the ingenious plan to use this device to solve the global remittance crisis.

The Paycoin Foundation has set out to lay the “foundation” for Paycoin. All of its supporters aim to empower not only Paycoin but humanity as well. With Team Paycoin working alongside Paycoin Cares, Paycoin can help make a much bigger impact on the world, bringing cryptocurrency where it has never gone and much further than ever imagined.

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How do you feel about the new changes made for Paycoin’s leadership? How do you think this could help Paycoin?

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